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Brad slams a bruiser in Kansas

Opening day of rifle season in Kansas brought some excitement to Nocked and Loaded host, Brad Myers.  He was attempting to bowhunt when the neighbors declared war on the deer population!  Knowing that they shot his top 2 hitlist bucks, Brad regrouped and worked a plan to hunt an alfalfa field that evening.  Brad drove his Ranger up to that spot to scout it mid day, and when driving out, he spotted a big buck bedding in a dry creek bed.  Brad quickly went back to town to get his gear, and returned.  Parking 300 yards east, Brad planned a stalk, and started crawling, covering almost a 1/4 mile of open terrain.  Finally, getting into a drainage ditch, Brad carefully worked into the creek bottom, using the high winds to help with scent control and noise.  Upon entering the bottom, Brad slowly scanned the creek until there he was, a big 10 point bedded in the same spot he had seen him an hour before.  Brad got into position and steadied his sights, whistled and the buck stood.  The .270 barked and the big buck ran up the creek bank, falling in the open field 30 yards later!  What a great buck scoring 168 3/8″!  Congrats Brad!