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Pulled Pork Recipe

As a follow up to our Pulled Pork video here is our simple breakdown of the process we use to make pulled pork.

  1.  Rub the pork shoulders with yellow mustard and then apply Meat Church BBQ seasoning to the meat and rub it in.
  2. Let stand in fridge overnight.
  3. Set smoker/cooker to 225 degrees and apply apple smoking chips
  4. Place meat in smoker and wait, seriously, wait until it gets to internal temp of 160.
  5. Remove meat from smoker and let stand about 20 min.
  6. “pull” or shred pork.
  7. Apply finishing sauce (apple cider vinegar, brown sugar, crushed red peppers) to the meat and serve.


Pulled Pork from Brad Myers on Vimeo.